1.9. Voting

If you hold some BTS tokens, you are considered a BTS Holder of the BitShares business and thus have a say in where it should be heading in future. As a BTS Holder you can cast a vote for three different entities within the network:

Block producers:
 Block producers bundle transactions into blocks and sign them with their signing key. These so called witnesses keep the blockchain alive by producing one block every few seconds and get paid by newly issued BTS shares similar to Bitcoin. Their second job is to produce reliable and accurate price feeds for the smartcoins.
Committee Members:
 Committee Members govern the blockchain and the business parameters, and define the transaction fees.
Workers:Workers are freelancers or businesses that provide a non-profitable service for the BitShares ecosystem. Essentially, they apply for a job in the ecosystem by providing actual work and get paid accordingly (if the BTS Holders approve).

Since voting might be a too time-consuming task for many BTS Holders, BitShares offers them a way to committee their voting power to so called proxies. The sole purpose of proxies is to follow the ecosystem and be vote according to their followers. This is similar to many political votes where citizens vote for representatives which vote on their behalf.

Voting itself is very simple with the User interface and requires only a few clicks.

1.9.1. Voting by using BitShares UI

You can cast your vote or set your proxy by BitShares User interface.

Open the side dropdown menu and select [Voting]

cloud wallet pwd Setting a proxy

The picture below shows how to set your trusted proxy:

  1. Type a proxy name
  2. Click [SAVE]
  3. Login to a wallet if you have not logged in
  4. Confirm the Transaction
cloud wallet pwd Voting for Witness, Committee Member or Worker

If you have not set a proxy, you can cast your own vote for witnesses, committee members or workers.

  1. Select a Witnesses, Committee, or Workers tab
  2. Click and check TOGGLE VOTE
  3. Click [SAVE]
  4. Login to a wallet if you have not logged in
  5. (vote for each entity)